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Tooth Decay Causes

Ever wonder how cavities start? We’ve always heard to brush our teeth and not have too much sugar, but is there more to tooth decay than that? We’re glad you want information and P.A. Daniel, Jr. D.D.S., is happy to educate our clients to gain better dental health!
Cavities are formed at a section of the tooth decays, forming craters and crevices where food particles, bacteria, and plaque reside.
Tooth decay is caused by the following factors:
  1. Poor oral hygiene caused by lack of or improper brushing.
  2. Enamel Issues. Teeth with enamel issues or deep crevices are prone to cavities.
  3. Improper nutrition from an unhealthy diet.
  4. Sugary foods…well, Mom was correct!
  5. Acidic foods quickly work to wear away enamel.
  6. Dry mouth issues, saliva inhibits the growth of plaque.
  7. Tooth grinding, which strips away tooth enamel.
  8. Genetics
  9. Age
  10. Not visiting the dentist!
Are you guilty of any of these behaviors? We all are to some degree but if we make an effort to be aware of these areas and work to make healthy decisions, we can prevent tooth decay from progressing. Contact our office to make an appointment today!