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Regular Dental Exams are Predictive and Preventive

Many people underestimate the benefits of good oral health and the importance of regular dental exams. The mouth is the first point of contact for health and nutrition. As such, getting regular exams is a must. It is recommended to visit a dentist every six months for these reasons.

A Beautiful Smile

The power of a good healthy smile cannot be underestimated. When people feel like their teeth are in good shaped, they smile more. Research has shown that not only does a smile increase one’s confidence, but it also is a mood enhancer, creating a cyclical effect of smiling even more.

Good Oral Health

Getting regular checkups at the dentist helps to detect the appearance of a host of potential issues, including gum disease or oral cancer. A dentist doesn’t just examine teeth, but will also feel along the face, jaw and lymph nodes to check for abnormalities.

Good Overall Health

There is a definite link between good oral health and good overall health. Whether it is because the mouth can signal other issues or people who practice good oral health tend to practice other health-saving tips, getting regular exams is part of full body wellness.
Dental exams are both predictive and preventative measures. Most regular checkups are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and bodies. For more on good oral health, call P.A. Daniel Jr. DDS at 919-734-4716.