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Don't Make These Common Dental Care Blunders

Healthy teeth and gums require a commitment to healthy, daily oral health care habits. In the rush to take the best possible care of their teeth, some people get carried away and ultimately make bad choices that have a negative impact on their short-term or long-term dental health. Make careful choices and avoid these common dental care blunders.

Stop! Don't Think That It's Okay to Pop Your Own Dental Abscess

Partly because the rise of YouTube videos with individuals popping their own zits and dental abscesses, some people think it's safe to try to pop abscesses on their own. However, that is a very bad idea. Dental abscesses form when your body is fighting an infection, and they may need medical treatment.
If you try to pop the abscess yourself, you may accidentally force the pus, debris, and bacteria further into your body, causing further problems. Also, if you try to pop an abscess, you may end up increasing the size of the abscess, or you could spread the infection. Go to your dentist for treatment if you have a dental abscess.

Stop! Don't Assume That All Is Well Because Your Teeth Are White

Many people assume that white teeth are healthy teeth, but that isn't always the case. This myth probably prevails because people may be more proactive about brushing and flossing when they're trying to make their teeth whiter. However, your teeth may be white while cavities form between teeth. Gum disease and other dental infections may be present even if teeth are white.
If you want to have your teeth professionally whitened, that's fine. Just don't expect it to lead to healthier teeth by itself. The American Dental Association recommends only choosing a teeth-bleaching system or product after talking to your dentist about it. A comprehensive treatment plan should be implemented under the dentist's supervision.

Stop! Don't Believe You Only Need to Worry About Cavities When You Feel Pain

Cavities are among the most common dental health problems. In fact, the majority of people have had a cavity. Many people assume they don't need to worry about cavities until they causes discomfort or pain. However, by the time a cavity causes pain, it's already advanced. Seek treatment long before the cavity gets to the advanced stage where it causes you pain.
When you're taking excellent care of your teeth and seeing a dentist regularly, most dental issues should be caught and treated well before they get to an advanced state. When you get a filling early on, you probably won't have to experience the physical pain of the cavity.

Stop! Don't Put an Aspirin Directly on a Problem Tooth

Some of the more popular home remedies for managing toothaches can be dangerous. Although you may have heard that you can put an aspirin directly in your mouth at the area where you feel pain, that's something you should never do. Aspirin isn't a topical medicine. If you try to place it directly on your gums, you may cause burning and additional pain.
If you want to take aspirin for a toothache, swallow it as recommended on the packaging. Only take medicine as recommended and never try to put a pill directly on your teeth or gums. Toothaches cause excruciating pain, but you shouldn't try homemade remedies without first clearing them with your dentist.
Finally, take care of your teeth today like your future depends on it. After all, you greatly increase your chances of having healthy teeth and gums in the future if you're proactive today. Part of taking good care of your oral health is seeing your dentist regularly. Contact P.A. Daniel Jr., D.D.S. for your next dental cleaning or check-up.